Serving as a jury member in the courts

Every year around 180,000 people from across the country are selected to serve as part of a jury which will decide the outcome of important court cases. To be called for jury service means potentially playing a vital role in the criminal justice system.

The job of a jury is to inspect all the evidence which is presented during a trial and to come to a decision, based on that evidence, on whether a defendant is guilty or not guilty. It can be a position of extreme responsibility as you will have a hand in establishing a verdict based on your sense of reason and best judgement.

We hope that our site can provide you with a helpful insight into what you might experience when serving on a jury, offering help every step of the way beginning from the moment that letter drops onto your doormat.

As well as what happens inside the courtroom, there are other issues to be dealt with if you are called to do jury service, such as taking time off work or deferring your jury service if an inconvenient date and time is chosen for you. Our site provides all the advice you need if you have been called for jury duty, in addition to a comprehensive directory of Crown Courts across the country including locations and contact details.